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Occasionally events occur and will be listed here. For the most part though this will include new releases, things in the making, and other group or store happenings around the grid. That will include group and VIP gift items and information.

Dotted Summer – Dress

Posted by on May 23, 2017 in Chatter | 0 comments

A beautiful dress reminiscence of a summer afternoon. With the handkerchief hemline and halter top style is as light and airy as it is pretty. The design makes it easy for a lady to enjoy a picnic in the park or a walk by the lake.

Hello Southern Sassy

Posted by on Mar 21, 2017 in Chatter, News & Events | 1 comment

Greeting and Salutations,

Bringing to you another adventure in shopping!

Fashion in Second Life is almost sinful when you look at the available styles. Then given that they all come in the size you need is an added bonus. When I first started in SL it was not always the case. As with mesh bodies now the system avatar then didn’t play right with odd sizes. Once the template got stretched things started to look funny. The difference between quality and quantity became abundantly clear. You can really see what I mean when you look at a good quality skin and one that is excellent. You can see that the ‘stretchy’ part of the avatar body has a fine quality skin or one that just stretches pixels. This is where the avatar templates came into play and gave us a guide on where those points are and pointed out the area that needed a high resolution so when they stretch they keep there pixels together.

Then we have mesh bodies with that extra bit of detail and fine lines. Those types of pixels can really be seen now. Not to mention the alpha issue. You know where you have a dress and your body bulges through the dress and if you alpha that area it seems to always go more than where the dress is, so now you have some see thru parts.

That’s where my fashions and ideas come into this and why I am creating Southern Sassy. Bringing a new concept to designs and maybe a little style to your SL.