Some things to know about mesh clothing, mesh bodies, and other mesh products.

List of Mesh items I will support and not support.

First let me clarify that you have mesh bodies, and each has a different points for ‘fitted’ mesh outfits. Then we get to the different styles of mesh clothing. You have standard mesh clothing for the ‘average’ avatar sizes. These are usually available in 3-5 size variations. Now if the mesh body was faithful to the standard avatar sizing chart most clothing will, with a few alpha layers on the HUD checked, work just fine. It’s the clothing that has alpha layers specific to the system avatar that may or may not work. Sometimes the mesh needs an alpha layer where the mesh body doesn’t have it or it’s cut wrong.

That’s where fitted mesh has come into the fashion arena. Which means “fitted” that the clothing was designed to fit the base inherent sliders for that you use to shape your mesh body. Now these types of clothing can adjust to what modifications you’ve done to your shape, within reason. Not all will be try to form if you have an oddball shape metric. Which if you do I can not stress enough to try demo’s of anything you are looking to buy. Demo’s are readily available on most things, even other designers. To at least make sure it fits. Otherwise you’ll have to spend the time to modify your shape to adjust it to the clothing.

Understanding that is the major concept. That is outfit creators and they have their rights to design and make for whoever they so desire. Just like I do. While I am no mesh creator, I do purchase from them. If they don’t have a certain variation then of course I won’t be able to offer it. It doesn’t mean it won’t fit though. I have several bodies and I do test them out. I even have a custom ‘oddball’ shape, so if it fits me I will show in the item descriptions what bodies it should work with and what is in the package.

About designs for EVE/ADAM

The second mesh body I purchased and I haven’t regretted it yet. It’s been 2yrs since I got it and the first body I started doing designs for myself. It started with my favorite outfits not having an alpha layer that was really compatible. So I started to do my own alpha really. More or less anyway, it was a fabric layer that on some mesh poked through it but looked better than the alpha.

So now I do exclusive designs for both EVE and ADAM bodies.

About things designed for Maitreya
About things designed for Tonic
Bodies I won’t design for or support. Just like anyone I have my opinions, morals, and standards. Please respect mine and I will respect any valid debate you have about any body I don’t currently do designs. Some is about popularity, not enough demand. Even I may not know about them. If there is a design kit or the designer is open registration for the design templates. Then I don’t mind doing them if enough request is received. I have gotten templates for most of the major bodies, and do support them as my suppliers offer.

Others, while I know they are popular, if they do not support Omega then you won’t see specific designs for them. Usually it’s because at one point they were rude or disrespectful to me, those types I have no desire to do business with or even support.