A design full of southern charm and delightful sassy. Designs made for the system avatar as well as mesh. Ranging from everyday to formal with a few intimate items thrown in.

Within exploring Second Life you get to see a lot of different cultures and styles. Both within a community and for each individual you meet. With not much left to explore or see I set my eye on creating things. At first just playing around with builds and functions on uploading. How to set things and get things to just the way I like them.

Some class and southern charm style is my goal. To bring a little more choice to the everyday shopper. I look to design clothes with and without alpha layers and create blends of both that will look amazing.

Indicated items may come with a system applier or HUD that can take place of an alpha mask. These appliers in no way take place of the masking options in your mesh body. They are provided as an alternate for a better way to wear things that I create. Omega compatible these layers will not work for all mesh bodies and/or shapes.

Some included things about the products that are sold.

HUDs (Individual Products)

HUDs (Collection Products)